About KingsCrew Media

About KingsCrew Media

KingsCrew Media is a Nigerian company borne out of passion for Cinematography and Photography. It was founded to bring about world class concepts and high tech resolution quality pictures on screen. Our aim is to bring about innovations and technology in the film industry to our doorsteps and accessible at affordable rates in order to allow new breed of film makers to emerge in the industry. Nigerian film industry is making waves with good production and our aim is to raise new generation of stars that will bring about revolution in the industry. We have also set out to ensure to train and raise men to occupy this positions of being editors, script writers, costume artists, cameraman, screenplay, photography etc. We know that the Nigeria that we aspire to create is near and we are much ready to create this trend for others to follow.

Our Team

The Expert Behind The Good Work

Ogunleye Oluwaduyilemi

Chief Executive Officer

Oluwarotimi Emmanuel

Executive Director


Production Manager

Amah Gift

IT Administrator

Felix Buggie Peter


Shovic Doyle


Arigbede David


Areh Samir


Adesola Busayo

Make-Up Artist

Ikem Victoria

Social Media Expert

Oluwole Adewale

Script Writer