4 Things You Should Never Do In A Relationship

1. Desist from putting your private affairs on social media
Don’t open up about your relationship on social media. Everyone doesn’t need to know everything because everyone is then allowed to have an opinion on your relationship. Unhappy people are waiting for you to be unhappy as well, don’t give them the satisfaction

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2. Don’t share bank accounts
Each person should stick to their personal bank account. Sharing bank accounts is advisable for when you are in a strategically monogamous relationship or married, other than that what’s yours is yours.


3. No comparison
Don’t compare your new relationship to your past relationships. Everyone is different, meaning every relationship will be different. Your past relationships should be left there.

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4. Don’t make future promises soon
Focus on the here and now. You don’t want to scare your partner off by discussing marriage when you are only in the beginning stages.

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