Can there be Media without Technology? – Akpantuen Peter Aniedi

Technology and the Media are interrelated in so many ways that they cannot be separated easily. I remember someone asking me sometimes back if the cloud storage can ever get exhausted. How can that ever happen?

YouTube has got so much storage that they accommodate an average of 300 hours per minute. A massive number of about 5 billion videos are watched daily on YouTube. It is an application that has become a part of our daily lives and we now have a lot of Online TVs on the YouTube App.

Before the invention of mobile phones, it was difficult to access internet by organizations and individuals. Internet was a luxury that only the rich could afford but it is easy to get online now as long as you have a smart phone and access billions of resources on the internet.

Technology has reduced the amount of time spent watching Television by so many around the world.

News and information can now be accessed by anyone in the world and has reduced the amount of hard copies of newspapers being purchased over the years.

More talents are easily identified in the industry as there are platforms designed to enable people showcase their skills online e.g. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Other Media arms such as Scriptwriting, Printing, Designs and animations, audio mixing and production, cinematography, magazines and online news platform, blogging etc. are all made possible through improvement in Technology.

Technology evolves and grows. Be a part of this evolution, join our academy today!

Akpantuen Aniedi Peter

(Production Manager, KingsCrew Media)

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