Imagine What Technology Did in Our Movie Industry

If you ever watched an old movie and the new movies in the industry like the Black Panther compared to a movie like Coming to America. Nigerian viewers and the world at large would have seen how far technology have emerged and transformed our movie industry rapidly through several improvements in picture quality and access to equipment that gives the opportunity for better productions.

The novelty has worn off 3D movies and many moviegoers have complained that they’re more of a gimmick than a film experience. People wear flimsy 3D glasses in order to see the same tricks they have seen in previous movies while Cinemas get to make money from tickets sold.

This is just about to change according to a Statesman report from MIT, they have researchers who are working on developing 3D technology without having to use 3D glasses.

“The fact remains that 3D technology without glasses is not new; it has been used with limitations in television productions,” Researchers are hereby researching its potential application to the film industry to enhance picture quality.” The application of Quality 3D effects instead of gimmick pop-outs could increase the number of people going to the cinema.

The major rationale behind 3D movies is to bring audiences to have feel of the deep experience instead of just having a passive view. Virtual reality is another tool being adopted to increase engagement level of viewers. VR enables audiences to be on set, allowing them poke around and get a deep look at the world the characters are in.

African market is full of pirates and people’s intellectual rights are usually abused. There are instances where people’s intellectual properties are being used without permissions or payments. Virtual reality was introduced to bridge this gap by presenting filmmakers the opportunity to market their movies to the Cinemas and those who already own VR equipment.

Filmmakers are so Optimistic about the future of the movie Industry “Mr. Ogunleye Oluwaduyilemi, The Chief Executive Officer of KingsCrew Media spoke about today’s industry as a different world where filmmakers at all levels have access to professional tools and this can be seen all around the globe,”. “We will only continue to grow as an industry when end users across the board, from Nollywood, Bollywood, Hollywood to independent filmmakers, short filmmakers, documentary, and student filmmakers, are empowered.”

Technology is Changing the Industry and Cinema Business Plans for example Netflix has developed a straight-to-streaming line of movies and this is trending as customers don’t have to wait for months to watch movies at the comfort of their home.

These developments have helped production companies and Cinemas now worries on attendance at the cinema as this will somehow eat into their overall profits.




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