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So many people have been frustrated in life, marriages, families, business and careers because of a mistake they made in the past. Thus, they say to themselves that they can never make it in life. They do not see themselves any better than the mistake they have made. Are you stagnant because you are scared of failure ? Do you spend your life trying to attain moral and human perfection?

Stop ! even Adam and Eve failed in being perfect, even though they were created to be perfect beings. How much more you ? Imperfect from birth, unable to not be able, to escape mistakes. Why try to stop the inevitable ? All you can do is learn from your mistakes and move forward.

A wise person knows that’s the only way to upgrade in life, move forward. Those who dare to invite mistakes as challenges to improve, constantly see themselves evolving. Those who cannot face the individual in the mirror susceptible to mistakes, who deny and beat themselves up over every failure. Spend their life walking on egg shells and never fully experience their personable power.

Many believe their fears will keep them from making mistakes that could jeopardise a future, they are taking no active steps to have. That’s why some fears are considered irrational, they have no basis to them. The truth is fear of mistakes puts people in a prison, that keeps them from fulfilling their true potential.


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In my life, i’ve made mistakes, i’ve made errors, i’ve failed, i’ve miscalculated but that is what makes the story more interesting. Failure and mistakes are allowed but you have to move on and fight another day. Whatever the aspect of your life that seem like you have made mistakes ; Education or business or Relationship and so on, believe you can make it through and never give up

Some of the greatest people that ever lived made much bigger mistakes and failed soo many times in their lives but no one cares about the failure all people want to see is the success and how you made it through. Get up, get yourself together and try one more time and another time and another time and another time. Never get tired of trying again.. Relax your mind , believe in yourself and believe in your intuition. Look yourself in the mirror everyone and tell yourself ” i am the best, i can make it, it’s not too late for me”.

Therefore laugh, get angry, be bitter, be forgiving, dream, fear and overcome fear, dance, be creative, childlike, adult like, whoever you want to be, as long as it does not hurt you or others. Be bold enough to leave room for mistakes and let the lessons you learn from them, help you build a bright future.

You are more than your mistakes. You are made of the strength you take to overcome them. Rise, rise, rise, above everything that keeps you unfulfilled. You Have ALL it takes… BELIEVE THAT!!!

I am Oladimeji Olaoluwa, i just wanna make common sense.


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