Our movies will attract international Audience – Ogunleye Oluwaduyilemi

The Executive Producer of ‘A death Wish’ and the Chief Executive Officer of KingsCrew Media Mr. Ogunleye Oluwaduyilemi on Monday 18th February, 2019 during a press conference at KingsCrew Media Head Office in Lagos revealed the plan of the organization to shoot its on-going movie project with international actors and actresses at locations in the North and Southern America.

Mr. Peter Aniedi Akpantuen (The Production Manager) revealed the rationale behind this decision as he explained the role of reaching the global market with our product and this can be influenced by engaging international personnel in our production.

KingsCrew Media has set the pace in creating empowering platforms for young talents in the entertainment industry through educative and entertaining measures.

Our Vision is to continually create trends for others to follow and raise a generation of young talents in the African entertainment industry.

Our 2019 movies will be shot to win award across the world and will be made available at Cinemas across the globe says Mr. Ogunleye Oluwaduyilemi.

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